There are published authors in this world who can devote all their waking moments to writing. Prolific bards like Stephen King not only have the imagination and devotion for the craft, but a clear schedule. There are, of course, authors like George R. R. Martin who have the means to do so but clearly fill their time with other efforts. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but come on... we really want the next Song of Ice and Fire book!

While I dream of being able to devote more of my life to writing, I must admit to the fact that I cram as much into my schedule as I possibly can. I have my 'real' career, a full time IT job that often requires more than the usual 40 hours a week. I also work part time as a stylist, which takes up a few evenings and most Saturdays. I have a few scheduled social events, like Trivia Tuesday. There are also friends and family, none of which I see enough of.

On top of all that, I've realized that my Cisco certifications are due to expire in February. I am scrambling to study for and pass the 300-101 Route exam by the end of that month. To help in the effort, I've purchased an 800 page certification guide (only partially illustrated!).

Human minds and bodies are capable of handling only so much. When stretched to the limits, they begin to weaken and break down. Though I rarely get sick, I recently was incapacitated by strep throat. Miserable, weak, and tired, I wouldn't even leave my couch to get much needed food from the kitchen (10 feet away). Luckily, the worst parts only lasted three days, but that was three days I cannot afford.

Some have asked why I keep so busy and why I don't relax more. I often ask myself those same questions. Only jokingly, though, for I know perfectly well why. As though I am being hunted down by a predator with sharp claws and teeth, I am running from something. I run with all the energy I can muster, for if I stop I will be consumed. Perhaps, through writing, I am simultaneously running towards my predator, but I cannot say for sure. I may never know.

Know your limits. Stay healthy. Love your friends and family. Happy New Year - here's to a great 2015!