There is a lot more free time in my life since I took (and passed) the Cisco 300-101 Route test I had mentioned in an earlier post. I've used much of that time to refocus on Kitsune, continuing my review and edits of what exists so far. There is only one more chapter to read through before I get back to writing original material. I am very excited to get the last leg of this story down on paper. The details have been rolling around in my head for months now, begging to be let out. Still, it's a good thing I had decided to go through the story as it is, for I was going to make a big reveal in the next chapter that had actually already been revealed! Oh, how our minds work... or don't...

There are certain dangers in modeling characters after those you hold close to your heart, especially when they hold your heart in their hands.

However, "For all the things my hands have held, The best by far is you"
~Cecilia and the Satellite, Andrew McMahon