Sex Scenes

I've been writing since elementary school. My first (and only) book on the library shelves was a short story chronicling the day of a sick dog. Not only was it my first completed work, it was fully illustrated by yours truly! My school librarien was nice enough to humor a child and made it available in the school library.

Since then I've written about dinosaurs, space flight, Heaven, and robots. Until recently, though, I've never been confronted with a sexually based scene. It's really not my thing (writing about sex... sex itself is perfectly fine!). I don't sit down to write about sex, and I generally don't search out sexual reading material. Generally.  ;-)

Even with Kitsune, I struggled with the decision to include particular scenes or not. I worried if they really made sense or were needed. Would the target audience be put off by it? Who actually was my target audience? OMG, what would my mother think?

Then a friend gave me some excellent insight into my own work: what is happening to Kitsune is basically due to his sexuality and how he has acted on it in the past. To ignore the fact that sex happens in the course of life (and can be used to further a story or illuminate a character) would be to ignore the very foundation upon which the story is built upon.

I've taken it as a challenge. I'm going to try to write about something in a way that won't make people roll their eyes and laugh. There will be at least two sex scenes in the story, and one of them is not very pleasant.

“I’ve been expecting you,” Kitsune had said with a sly smile.