I present you with a photo of a cute fox. It serves to capture your attention and provide a doorstop for further conversation. He looks cold!

Last year, after a two year hiatus, I decided to start writing again. I began by continuing a project from college called The War for Heaven. I (once again) abandoned the project last month for a couple of reasons. For one, I could not hope to win such a battle! I may come back to it once more at a later date.

Instead, I turned my attention to an idea inspired by James Blunt's song Goodbye, My Lover. While this may make the story sound like a total downer, rest assured that it is not. It does recognize that life, which can be defined by love, is also filled with tragic events that must be dealt with until the bitter end. The end of the story is what I see in my mind any time I hear Blunt's song, but I actually wrote the introductory chapter around five years ago. I shelved it afterwards for some velociraptor related reason or another.

Oh, while the story has no title yet, the main character's name is Kitsune, which is Japanese for fox (doorstop).

My personal goal is to write a page a day this year, which should supply enough wordage to complete the story. On this 41st day of the year, I stand at 43 pages! I am counting the chapter that was completed a few years ago, so I admit that cheat... I don't believe that quantity equals quality, although the number of cups of coffee I intake each day directly affects my productivity. It is a personal exercise, though, one to keep me continuously writing.

Another thing I need each day is sleep.  I'm out!