When and Where to Write

The answer: anytime and anywhere. The image of writers sitting in a warm and cozy den typing away on their laptops is nice, though rarely true. Yes, I may be in my own den at this moment, but I’m suffering from just eating too much ice cream, and it’s far from warm and cozy here on this freezing winter night!

One of the best things I did during high school was join a local writer’s club. By local, I mean I had to drive two towns away because my neighbors might have burned me at the stake for the things I was writing about. One of the most important lessons I learned at the club is that one must learn to write anywhere. You might not be comfortable writing in public, or the neighbor’s mowing might be distracting. The truth is, though, that the ideal environment for properly documenting what is in your mind will never exist. If it does, you’ll somehow find something else to do.

The same goes for the type of mood you’re in. I tend not to write a lot when I’m really happy. For myself, happiness is caused by being surrounded by awesome people. If awesome people are around me, I’m not going to seclude myself away! However, if that was the constant state I was in, I would never get any writing done.

Just like one needs to practice at writing to get better, one needs to practice writing at all times and in all places. Perhaps not at work or while the neighbor’s house is burning down, but maybe while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or out eating lunch.