When I began writing Kitsune's journey, I made a word count goal of 80,000. There are some who disagree with this practice. Why limit yourself? With more words, the better the world building and storytelling! Especially in fantasy! I don't disagree with these thoughts. In many cases, I think writers have benefited from them. However, having a set goal is an excellent way to pace your story as it is put down on paper. I've watched my characters move about the landscape, hold lengthy conversations, and make love with one another. Knowing that there's a limitation (or an at least this much) has kept certain scenes in check while helping me to flesh out others. The progression of the story and maturation of the characters is fluid and concise.

As of today, my goal has been reached. 80,000 words into the story, and I only have one chapter - maybe another 5,000 words - left to go. Not bad! I am excited to get this first draft complete... so I can begin the second!