Rain, Rain, Go Away

I was one of those school students who actually enjoyed reading assignments. Not the social studies or history books (though they were enjoyable in their own right) but actual literature. I remember crying at the end of Where the Red Fern Grows, a book that touched my canine-loving heart so much I read it twice. My parents were startled on both rounds when they found me in tears.

Another piece that has stayed with me over the years is Rain, Rain, Go Away, a short story by Isaac Asimov. More fantasy than science fiction, it tells of the Sakkaros family, new neighbors of the Wrights. The Sakkaros avoid any and all contact with water, only leaving their home under the best weather conditions and carrying a radio and barometer. What happens in the end gives meaning to their family name! If you've never read it, you can easily find it online. It's a quick read.

Closing on a new home tomorrow! I can't wait to set up the office and finish up the current round of work on The King's Sun!