Christmas Curmudgeon

Over the summer, we discovered that our deck was rotting away. It wasn't a complete surprise, as the feeble structure swayed whenever more than two people stood on it, but it was a problem we were trying to ignore for another year or two. Since our home's siding was being replaced, we decided to replace the deck. Naturally, upon its completion, an early winter settled in over northern Illinois, limiting its usefulness to the dogs. It has put me in a bit of a funk. The cold does that to me, but also watching good things go unused.

After a year and a half of writing, the first draft of Book 2 of The Brass Machine series was completed a few weeks ago. I'm in the middle of a mad two-month dash of editing, tweaking, soliciting feedback from beta readers, and even more tweaking before the manuscript goes to the editor in February. Should all things continue to go well, the book should be released in May 2019, a year after The King's Sun.

Looking forward, I can't wait to start on Book 3. I'm fascinated to see where characters old and new will go and how everything will wrap up.

At the same time, the list of book projects continues to grow in my head. I'm already 50k words into a fantasy book that has been sitting for five years. A murder mystery, laced with dark humor, has been brewing for over three years, its characters already fleshed out. An epic space-based science fiction series I thought up back in college (and probably best on the backburner while I hone my skills) is still waiting to fly. Perversely, my aversion to the Christmas season this year has given birth to a cutesy (and kinky!) holiday gay romance.

So many good things going unused, waiting for the cold to retreat and their time to come. Having to has put me in a bit of a funk.

Not to worry - I've been focusing all that energy and emotion into the finishing touches of Book 2. I am really excited to see what next year brings!