Timeline of Events in The Brass Machine

The timeline below serves to help readers place major events mentioned throughout The Brass Machine series in context. Be aware that certain dates have yet to be pinned down and many names have been omitted to avoid spoilers. Blank dates are still being written about in the final book, though a hint or two regarding what is to come might be found!

  0 - Richard Hudson and his team of scientists arrive in the new world.

275 -

290 -

299 -

300 -

??? - XXXX murders Kirin’s wife, Abby, and their son, Acro.

1175 - XXXX is born in Urel.

- A demon murders XXXX’s parents. With the help of Kirin, he drives the demon from Urel.

- Kirin leaves Urel to hide Tsukumogami, and XXXX becomes a field fox.

1195 - Kirin returns to Gaav, serving again as Ninko.

???? - Prince Oni is born.

1295 - XXXX awakens and enters Hawt, Gaav’s capital.

1297 - Prince Kitsune is born in the wake of his mother’s murder.

- XXXX encounters Kirin.

1317 - Events chronicled in The King’s Sun begin.

Cooper does not like timelines.

Cooper does not like timelines.